Hearing God's voice and knowing God's will - March 1, 2015

Hearing God's Voice 2

Financial Stewardship - Part 1

Financial Stewardship continued

Moving Mountains


God our defence

If Christ can overcome, so can we

The Breath of God

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How well do we follow God's instructions?

You Are A Child Of God!

Are we Wise or Foolish?

The Gaps - Deacon Ryan Olson

Its Not About Us Anyways!

Eagles or Chicken? Who are we? What's our viewpoint?

Palm Sunday - Pastor Joel

Why Jesus? Why Didn't the Father come down Himself?

Easter Sunday - The Barrier Breaker

His Presence Is Our Rest

Everything Is Nothing Compared to Knowing Christ

Testimony Sunday - Kelly Harder and John Diamondson

The cost of following Jesus - Pastor Sam (guest speaker) for our Youth/Young Adult Service

Acts 2 Power!

Mother's Day - Pastor Desmond Hall (guest speaker)

What is the Gospel?

Power works with love

Disciples with Power - Pastor Joel Byron

The Spirit of life - the answer to overcoming today's issues

Co-laboring and Approval - Pastor Bob Mathew

The Finger of God -Pastor Bob Mathew

Owing Nothing - Pastor Bob Mathew

I do not pray for the world - Pastor Bob Mathew

Knowing Everything, Jesus Went Forward

The Spirit that flows like a river - Pastor Bob Mathew

When God is with you - Pastor Bob Mathew

New Beginnings In Christ - Kusi (Youth/Young adult Sunday)

Who are we? What is our role? - Paul Thorne (Deacon) - Men's Ministry

Your Purpose, for such a time as this - Pastor John Albiston

Holy Walls, Holy Temple - Pastor Bob Mathew

In Christ everyone blends into one - Pastor Bob Mathew

This Ship is Going Down - Pastor Bob Mathew

Run the race - pastor Joel Byron

Run after God! - Pastor Bob Mathew